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HPE SYNERGY by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

A composable bladed infrastructure that powers any workload within a hybrid cloud environment.

Citrix Workspace

The Citrix Workspace environment is faster, always available, stable, and extremely user friendly. And the best thing about it is that users say they don’t even notice it because it always works.

Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops

Only Citrix provides a complete virtual app and desktop solution to meet all your business needs. Give employees the freedom to work from anywhere while cutting IT costs. Deliver Windows, Linux, and web business applications or full virtual desktops from any cloud—public, on-premises or hybrid—within a modern digital workspace.

Citrix Content Collaboration

Enable true business-class data security for mobile users while maintaining total IT control. Your team or clients can access, sync, and securely share files from anywhere, on any device. Automate feedback and approval workflows to streamline your business and maximize productivity.

Citrix Endpoint Management

With unified endpoint management (UEM) technology this powerful, anywhere is an ideal workplace

Citrix Managed Desktops

Citrix Managed Desktops is a desktops-as-a-service solution that makes it easy to deliver secure Windows apps and desktops from the cloud. This simple, turnkey service eliminates the complexity of desktop management and enables you to quickly deliver desktops and apps to any device, from anywhere.

Citrix Hypervisor

Citrix Hypervisor is a leading virtualization management platform optimized for application, desktop and server virtualization infrastructures. Consolidation and containment of workloads on Citrix Hypervisor enables organizations of any vertical or size to transform their business IT compute infrastructures.

ShareFile for Small or Medium Business by

Take productivity to the next level with ShareFile. Securely send, share, get feedback, approvals and even e-signatures on any file, fast.

Citrix ADC

Citrix ADC is an application delivery and load balancing solution that provides a high-quality user experience for your web, traditional, and cloud-native applications regardless of where they are hosted. It comes in a wide variety of form factors and deployment options without locking you into a single cloud. Pooled capacity licensing enables the movement of capacity among cloud deployments.

Citrix Application Delivery Management

Citrix Application Delivery Management is the only application delivery management platform that provides comprehensive automation, faster troubleshooting, and actionable insights from a single pane of glass for all your application delivery controller (ADC) infrastructure across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

Citrix Gateway

Citrix Gateway is a customer-managed solution that can be deployed on premises or on any public cloud, such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Citrix Gateway provides users with secure access and single sign-on to all the virtual, SaaS and web applications they need to be productive.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management

With billions of real user measurements a day, from every corner of the internet, Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management monitors internet traffic issues in real time and automatically steers your traffic to avoid them.

Citrix SD-WAN

Modern businesses need a network that can keep up with the pace of digital – one that delivers the best experience for the applications central to innovation and growth. Our next-generation WAN Edge solution delivers flexible, automated, secure connectivity and performance that keeps the workspace always-on. Only Citrix SD-WAN delivers:

Citrix Web App Firewall

Citrix Web App Firewall is a web application firewall (WAF) that protects web applications and sites from both known and unknown attacks, including application-layer and zero-day threats. Despite an ever-evolving threat landscape, Citrix Web App Firewall delivers comprehensive protection without degrading throughput or application response times. Available as a cloud solution or integrated within the Citrix ADC platform, simplified configuration controls further mitigate risk. Our pooled licensing options allow you to grow incrementally and scale on demand.

Citrix Analytics for Security

Citrix Analytics for Security applies artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning to deliver future-focused predictions on user behaviors and application performance. These actionable insights enable Citrix administrators to proactively address user and application security threats.

Citrix Analytics for Performance

Citrix Analytics for Performance uses machine learning to quantify user experience and uncover the health of your environment. Data is consolidated into a single dashboard providing end-to-end visibility and enabling capacity planning and proactive response to performance degradation.


Purpose-built for speed from the ground-up, ONE can connect your journey touch-points and be up and running in no time. Compared to many solutions, this means you won’t be waiting months (or even years) to start seeing positive business impact.


ONE is a light-touch, cloud-based solution. It uses flexible listeners and a unique decisioning engine to provide an engagement layer across all channel and data silos, enabling brands to speak consistently with each customer – across every single touchpoint. This empowers your business to have connected, relevant and valuable conversations with your customers throughout their journey. So light touch doesn’t mean light on capability.


Thunderhead models its information security program after industry best-practices such as ISO 27001, and we are constantly upgrading our processes. This means that our solutions are engineered to protect you and your customers against current and evolving threats.


ONE is built on best of breed technology, supported by an API Framework, Data Adaptors and SDKs. This means that regardless of your tech stack, it can work comfortably with all your internal and external data sources and systems. ONE connects (often disparate) organizational silos, such as marketing, sales, service, ecommerce, and data platforms, fuelling collaboration, insight and co-ordination like never before.

ONE ENGAGEMENT HUB: by Thunderhead

The Thunderhead ONE Engagement Hub is a unifying tech layer that learns, understands and orchestrates customer journeys and conversations.


Our expert Professional Services Team are here to ensure your program is a success, delivering value to both your business and your customers.

Virtual Agent by ServiceNow, Inc.

Make it easy for employees and customers to get what they need, whenever they need it, with an enterprise conversational experience powered by natural language understanding

Visual Task Boards by ServiceNow, Inc.

A faster, easier way to work. Visual Task Boards turns any list into a Kanban‑like task board, offering an intuitive, graphical alternative for working with any ServiceNow application. The task board displays records as “cards” in a drag‑and‑drop interface, allowing you to rapidly change state or recategorize work. An activity stream embedded within the board shows all recent activity so you can see changes in real time.

Vulnerability Response by ServiceNow, Inc.

Vulnerabilities don’t often get the same amount of notice as phishing attacks or advanced persistent threats, but when a critical vulnerability is exploited, organizations can suffer major damage. A study conducted by ServiceNow and the Ponemon Institute found that nearly half of organizations surveyed had been breached in the past two years. For many of those, the breach was due to a vulnerability for which a patch existed. However, many organizations have more vulnerabilities than they can effectively keep up with.

Walk-up Experience by ServiceNow, Inc.

ServiceNow® Walk‑up Experience is an easily accessible, streamlined channel for capturing and managing face‑to‑face IT support requests. Online check‑in, transparent queue estimates, and automated notifications help customers make the best use of their time, improving the service experience and customer satisfaction.

Talkdesk Contact Center Software

Customers expect more from contact centers today. Keeping pace requires experience innovation. Talkdesk is a new kind of cloud contact center that allows you to easily adapt to the evolving needs of your customers, resulting in increased productivity, higher cost savings and better customer experience.

ACD Software by Talkdesk

Route inbound calls to agents based on caller data, IVR selection, business hours and agent skills to optimize each caller’s experience

Routing Designer by Talkdesk

Ditch the complexity of creating call flows. Studio provides a clear visual of the customer journey, all while enabling non-technical stakeholders to create intelligent, context-driven flows that deliver a friction-free customer experience

Agent Desktop by Talkdesk

Talkdesk Agent provides the personalized, productive connection between your agents and your customers. All the information your agents need to deliver a great customer experience is at their fingertips, including CRM data and real-time customer context from every digital interaction. And since Talkdesk Agent is mobile-enabled, your agents can deliver a great customer experience anytime, anywhere!

Mobile Agent by Talkdesk

With Mobile Agent you can engage with customers any time, anywhere, in any channel, using any device. No other contact center solution supports mobile like Talkdesk

Outbound Dialer by Talkdesk

Your outbound call center strategy can be the key to improving customer loyalty and retention, accelerating new customer acquisition, driving operational efficiency and reducing cost. Outbound Dialer empowers your organization with both agent-assisted and agentless modes, across both voice and digital channels, for more personalized, proactive customer engagement.

Email, Messaging & Chat by Talkdesk

There’s no one-size-fits-all for digital channels – your customers expect options, and Talkdesk delivers. Whether it’s email, chat, SMS, messaging apps, your agents will provide a seamless, personalized experience that will drive customer loyalty.

Social Listening by Talkdesk

67% of consumers have used a company’s social media site for customer service. According to Gartner, companies that do not respond to social media messages face up to a 15% increase in customer churn. Talkdesk Omnichannel keeps you engaged with powerful and intuitive social listening capabilities.

Workforce Management Software by Talkdesk

Talkdesk Workforce Management supercharges agent engagement and adherence while reducing the effort to create and manage forecasts and schedules.

Quality Management by Talkdesk

Provide proactive coaching to improve agent performance and increase customer satisfaction. Leverage intelligent monitoring and reporting features for a complete view of customer happiness and agent effectiveness.

Call Recording Software by Talkdesk

Track performance, gather actionable business insights and ensure compliance with secure, flexible inbound and outbound call recording and custom storage options.

Speech Analytics by Talkdesk

Gain new insights about caller sentiment and intent with advanced speech analytics and keyword detection. Use data from granular reports to drive operational strategy, customer service, and quality management

Performance Management byTalkdesk

Track employee engagement and performance with intelligent dashboards. Gamify contact center KPIs and training. Automate team challenges to promote peer recognition and higher agent satisfaction.

Desktop Analytics by Talkdesk

Save time and money by identifying and correcting inefficient processes and workflows. Improve key metrics through coaching opportunities to help agents serve customers more quickly and with better outcomes.

Agent Assist by Talkdesk

Deliver magical customer experiences every single time by empowering your agents with a personalized assistant that listens, learns and assists in every single conversation.

Virtual Agent by Talkdesk

Talkdesk Virtual Agent is an AI-powered conversational assistant that delivers the answers customers need, whenever they need them, through a natural and intuitive voice interface. Providing contact centers with a cost-eective and scalable self-service solution that delivers human-like customer support 24/7.

Talkdesk for Salesforce

A tight CRM and call center integration is the hallmark of successful sales and support teams. Seamlessly bring these systems together to drive agent productivity, improve team efficiency and personalize every interaction, turning happy customers into loyal advocates.

Talkdesk for Zendesk

Talkdesk for Zendesk provides a seamless integration so agents can work from one unified application. Use Callbar® to make/receive calls, log call data and add notes to Zendesk tickets from anywhere on the desktop. Best of all, Talkdesk for Zendesk can be configured with just a few clicks – no coding required!

Talkdesk for Slack

Talkdesk for Slack pairs the power of Talkdesk with Slack’s leading collaboration platform, empowering contact centers to streamline their support eorts and respond quickly to evolving contact center conditions.

Talkdesk AppConnect

As the world’s first enterprise app store, Talkdesk AppConnect unites best-in-breed software to redefine the way businesses integrate their call center platform. AppConnect facilitates every step of the process, from discovery to purchase.

APIs and SDKs by Talkdesk

Extend the power of your contact center with a variety of easy-to-implement APIs and SDKs. Developers can build effortlessly and leverage a full suite of platform services.

Deployment Options by Talkdesk

Move to cloud at your own terms and preserve your infrastructure investments with the most flexible contact center platform

The Talkdesk Promise by Talkdesk

Our enterprise contact center platform delivers guaranteed reliability and offers an unprecedented 100% uptime SLA. Voice quality is backed by an industry-leading 4.22 MOS and to ensure the security of your data, Talkdesk maintains security and compliance certifications from all leading global alliances and organizations.

Artificial Intelligence by Talkdesk

Artificial Intelligence (iQ) runs seamlessly in the background, revealing insights and presenting recommendations to help you effortlessly take care of business.